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Near by

The Wiedingharde has much to offer. Weddings, markeds, music, theater and culture are happening at the Charlottenhof periodicly. Check out the cultural programme of the Charlottenhof to find all kinds of interessting events.

The Wiedingharder Infozentrum offers not only the exhibit Time travel through the Wiedingharde but a great deal of information, travel schedules and brochures as well. If You really don't know where to start, You should start Your journey here. You are able to get train tickets here as well.

You know about Nolde? Well his Museum is pretty near by and it's definitely worth a trip!

Enjoy the fresh breeze

Not far and easy to get to by train or bus are the dunes and beaches of the island Sylt, the air cure city Niebüll, Husum, the wadden sea at Dagebüll or the biggest northernmost german city Flensburg.
Still the danish border is just a stone's throw away, where you can take a trip to the old city of Tondern for example.

On the premises

During the winter months we regularly organize buffet evenings and other exciting events. Take a look at our Event Calendar to get an insight.

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