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Our menu offers a large selection of meals as for example soups, salats, barbecue meals, vegetarian, regional, greek and italian dishes. Our pizza menu contains more than 20 different pizzas. You are of course able to adress Your own wishes regarding topping. You are of course able to find local dishes on our card as well, as for example young herring, pickled pork steak in gelatine, marinated herring and labskaus. As desert we recommend red fruit jelly with cream.


A large selection of more than 20 different pizzas and culinary specialities. Eat as much as You like for only 13,90 €. Our updated dates for those buffets You can find inside our Event Calendar.  Table reservations us directly by phone.


Depending on the time of year we feature our known buffets and special events. To this we provide You with some of the northfrisian specialities as well as Flensburger Pilsner from the tap and international wines.

Opening hours and payment options


        You are able to pay with Visa, EC-card and of course in cash.


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