You are planning a party or a wedding? Our partyservice with delivery has constantly changing special offers for Your party at home or at our local Charlottenhof. We offer among other dishes following meals:

  • Cold and warm buffets with plenty of fish.

  • Dishes of Your own choice.

  • For other rustic events we offer goulash and for example potato soup.

PARTYSERVICE for at least 20 persons

  • Smoked pork chop warm with cream potatoes.

  • Pickled pork steak in gelatine with fried potatoes and mustard.

  • Smoked pork chop cold with fried potatoes and home made remoulade sauce.

  • Smoked pork chop und hamburger warm served with cream potatoes.

  • Smoked turkey cold, fried potatoes and home made remoulade sauce.

  • Turkey roast with cream beans, salted potatoes and sauce.

  • Boiled fillet with horseradish sauce, salted potatoes and beans.

  • Filled pork roast with garden vegetables, salted potatoes and sauce.

  • Breaded turkey cutlet with champignon sauce, mixed salat and potatoes.

  • Danish smørrebrød deliciously garnished.

  • Danish smørrebrød with fish.

  • Pork fillet with garden vegetables, cream sauce and salted potatoes.

  • Duck with red cabbage, brussels sprouts, sauce and salted potatoes.

  • Wild boar with red cabbage, sauce and salted potatoes.

  • Roastbeef cold with home made remoulade sauce and fried potatoes.

  • Pork fillet with pepper sauce (hot) and potato gratin with mixed salat.